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I take a diagnostic approach to selling real estate. It starts with symptoms not solutions. Many of my sales were for sellers who were frustrated with past efforts to sell their property. I have made several assumptions as to why some exceptional properties do not sell. The indicators often revolve around the standard of photography, home staging, and the property dialogue or remarks, among others.

Professional home staging is far from the norm in our area but is the basis of your presentation. It is never about decorating. Sellers decorate to live, home stagers stage to sell. Today’s buyers have expectations about the look of a home. If your home matches those aspirations you move closer to the sale. It’s about creating emotional connections. We want them to “feel home” and think “This it is… This is the one”

High resolution professional photos, with proper equipment and editing is an expectation for my sellers, but it is not the standard I see out there. I have also added state of the art full motion videos to my repertoire. Showing homes like they were never shown before – it is like walking thru the home and almost being there, a new perspective – imagine seeing shimmering ripples on the water vs. static/still pictures? Buyers love this and over 90% of Buyers will make up their mind about your property within the first 2 minutes of seeing it on line. What will they see?

My last 3 sales took an average of 90 days. Those same 3 properties were on the market for an average of 2 years with prior agencies. Staging was an integral part of the sale. Interestingly enough I actually raised the price of each one of these listings.

Selling exceptional property is as much about selling a lifestyle as it is about selling the property. I tell a story about all my listings.

I have an established record of exceptional property sales and am discreet and private when representing my valued clients. Call 860-235-3424 or email me at edward@edwardhillyer.com

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Edward Hillyer
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